The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime film will not be missed by Naruto lovers. Many people from all across the world have expressed their support for the film. As a result, we’d like to provide you with a list of top 5 merchandise for Boruto anime fans. This will help you in spreading the news and demonstrating your affection for the characters in the film. Let’s have a look and get shopping as quickly as possible.

  1. Boruto Sweatshirts – Kawaki Pullover Sweatshirt

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The sweatshirt is an indispensable line in anyone’s wardrobe. The shirt has sizes suitable for both men and women with a detailed size chart to help you choose easier. The fabric is thick enough to keep the body warm. The design is extremely eye-catching and modern to match any of your outfits. The highlight of this shirt is the image of the Kawaki character in the middle of the sea of ​​fire. It comes to life and clarity thanks to the quality print.

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  1. Boruto T-Shirts – Boruto Classic T-shirt

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The t-shirt collection has many other unique products, the most prominent is the A, with a color palette to choose from up to 27 colors. At the same time, it also comes in 8 different sizes for both men and women. Cool material and good sweat absorption support your outdoor activities. This is also considered a great gift to raise a passion for the characters in the movie together. The shirt printed in the middle is a very cool Boruto character.

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  1. Boruto Posters – Kawaki and Goldfish Poster

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Adding an item that is never out of hot is the poster. It is not only a thing to help you express your love but also a decoration for the room to become more beautiful. The image of the character Kawaki is romanticized, making him attractive. There is also a picture of a school of goldfish around, making the poster boldly poetic. The product is printed on 185gsm semi gloss poster paper. The product’s life is long.

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  1. Boruto Cases – Kawaki Samsung Galaxy Soft Case

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Phone cases are also popular accessories if you wish to express your interest or passion for anything. When you visit us, you will find a variety of cases with various designs related to the Boruto movies that are ideal for both iPhone and Samsung phones. It’s a tough, flexible cover that wraps around your phone’s edges. This item also comes with a shock-absorbing TPU case with an anti-fingerprint coating. The colors are printed in ink on the frosted shell surface. The design is visible on the back, and the case’s sides are semi-transparent, allowing full access to ports. It weighs only 26 grams and has a thickness of 1/16 inch (1.6mm).

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  1. Boruto Face Masks – Shinobi Face Mask

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Last but not least, the mask product line has been on the throne in recent years due to the pandemic. In addition to the main purpose of protecting your health, the product line is modified by printing special patterns. That excites your interest and encourages people to wear masks more. Similar to this product, the ninja text has a bit of a stylization that is perfect for you to wear anywhere, at any event, and whatever your outfit is. There are two styles for you to choose from: basic and pleated double.

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In general, the article about the list of top 5 merchandise for Boruto anime fans is our unbiased review. We hope this is useful information to help you express your personal passions and interests. Shop more items to spice up your collection through our web here. Thank you for the time to read it!

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