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Naruto Backpacks – Naruto Backpack Sasuke Chidori NM0108

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Sasuke Chidori Backpack

Sasuke was proficient ninja from the village of Konoha, member and sole (recognized) survivor of the Uchiha massacre. Teaching beneath the supervision of Kakashi Hatake, collectively together with his teammate Naruto and Sakura, he was always seen as a solitary little one. His rivals with Naruto in prize of determining who’s the strongest led him to review the lightning methodology jutsu from Kakashi with a function to compete with Naruto. This Sasuke Chidori Backpack reveals how rather a lot mastery he gained from the years of teaching with chidori. Our Naruto Backpacks are top-tier prime quality! They’re made out of nylon and polyester, as they’re every reliable and actually sturdy supplies. Your backpack will in all probability be your companion for a very very very long time. With a measurement of 29×40 cm, you’ll put almost one thing you need to convey at school (laptop computer pc, books…). Might be utilized as a journey bag too! Our Naruto Backpacks have a mushy take care of and a mushy once more so to essentially really feel the freedom sporting theses. Conventional zipper openning. Get your self a swag backpack, all eyes on you !

  • Bag measurement: 29x40x12 cm
  • Functionality: 20-35L
  • Take care of Type: Mushy Take care of
  • Opening approach: Zipper

1 review for Naruto Backpacks – Naruto Backpack Sasuke Chidori NM0108

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product! It took him a long time to get to the Canary Islands but the seller at all times has been very kind, the impression is very good and the Boruto merch is also good

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