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Naruto Hats & Caps – Hokage Hat NM0108

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Hokage Hat

In Naruto, a Kage (“shadow” in english) is the highest chief of a village. Throughout the image of a president in our time, the Kage supervises the village, he makes constructive that the citizen are protected and takes laborious willpower to find out of the village’s future. There could also be 5 Kage that takes their establish based mostly on the village’s nature. The Kazekage for Sunagakure, the Mizukage for Kirigakure, the Raizekage for Kumogakure, the Tsuchikage for Iwagakure and the Hokage for Konohagakure. Respectively the wind shadow, water shadow, ligthning shadow, earth shadow and fireside shadow. All of them placed on a dome-shaped hat that look very similar to the thought of certainly one of Akatsuki, with their respective coloration (crimson for konoha as a result of it represents the fireside…). Are you worthy of carrying the Hokage Hat ? You will need to make decisive acts to verify your village’s security! Made out of Polyester, it is light to the contact and lightweight in weight. Make your best cosplay with the Hokage Hat now!

  • Supplies: Polyester
  • Product Kind: Naruto Cosplay, Naruto Costume
  • Dimension: The dome is 36x36CM in dimension/the white tissue is 52CM in dimension.

1 review for Naruto Hats & Caps – Hokage Hat NM0108

  1. Zohar (verified owner)

    I liked them pretty much. Recommended seller

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