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Naruto Plushies – Gaara Plush NM0108

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Gaara Plush

Gaara is a shinobi from the Village of Suna that first makes his look all through the Chunin Examination. He has a extremely darkish aura that could be sensed just by standing subsequent to him. He arouses the feeling of fear in route of him! Gaara can manipulate sand at will, he makes use of a chakra infused sand gourd to make the manipulation easier. The fight betxeen Rock Lee and Gaara is certainly amongst the simplest inside the Naruto Orginal Serie anime. This Gaara Plush is for the fan of the character! Our Naruto Plush are of very high-quality. They’re all fully made out of cotton (along with filling). The Naruto Plush is a toy that is glorious for children which will be over 4 years earlier. Provide as a gift in your teen, good good friend, family or lover… They’re going to fully adore it anyway as it’s vitally snug to the contact. Will be utilized as a stress-relief gadget. Choose from a giant set of Naruto characters. Carry some life to your desk methodology! The plush is 30 cm.

  • Measurement: 30 cm
  • Supplies: Cotton
  • Acceptable for children over 4 years earlier.
  • Very snug

1 review for Naruto Plushies – Gaara Plush NM0108

  1. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Very good!I am very pleased. They are so cuteeee and I recommend

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