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Naruto Earrings – Naruto Earrings Akatsuki NM0108

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Akatsuki Earrings

The Akatsuki has a extremely distinct outfit, a black cloak with pink clouds throughout it. With a little bit of deduction we will guess that coulds have one thing to do with rain. In Naruto, the village Hidden by the Rain (“Amegakure” in Japenese) was a spot gnawed by the battle, the place it consistently rained! We additionally know that the Akatsuki group which had for goal to carry peace within the shinobi world, was based by the three orphans: Konan, Nagato and Yahiko.  As they witnessed bloodshed rising up, we will guess that the pink cloud has one thing to do with the blood rain attributable to the battle, therefore the design on the Akatsuki black cloak. These Akatsuki Earrings are a pair of pink clouds which you could put on every time. Distinctive in design, they’ll make you standout and all eyes can be turned on you! Even when they appear large to the eyes, these Akatsuki Earrings solely weight 6.2G, you gained’t even really feel you could have staff in your ears.

  • Materials: Metallic Alloy
  • Bundle included : 1 pair
  • Weight: 6.2G
  • Unisex

1 review for Naruto Earrings – Naruto Earrings Akatsuki NM0108

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    Thank you. Quickly came to Ukraine

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