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Naruto Earrings – Naruto Earrings Orochimaru NM0108

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Orochimaru Earrings

Orochimaru is without doubt one of the “Legendary Sannin” of Konoha together with Jiraya and Tsunade. His ambition for immortality had no limits, in such a manner that he even perfomed some horrible experiments on harmless habitants of Konoha. For this, he was chased out of the village and commenced his journey as a missing-nin with one other objective in thoughts: Getting revenge on Konohagakure! In look, Orchimaru may be very snake-like, a pale pores and skin, slitted eyes and even possesses fangs. Orchimaru often wears a grayish/beige tunique together with a giant purple rope-like belt that he knots round his waist. Orchimaru Earrings are actually trendy and fashioned like tomoes. When you want to incarnate Orchimaru’s pores and skin, you may wish to get your self a pair of Orochimaru Earrings! They’re excellent for cosplay occasion and even informal use as they offer a particular and distinctive look to its bearer. These earrings are designed to provide the finest really feel and elegance. Don’t wait any moreover and get your Orochimaru Earrings now, in fact wearable by any gender.

  • Materials: Metallic Alloy
  • Bundle included : 1 pair
  • Weight: 10.5G
  • Unisex

1 review for Naruto Earrings – Naruto Earrings Orochimaru NM0108

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! Will order much more next time for sure

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