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Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Sasuke NM0108

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Sasukes Headband

Uchiha Sasuke virtually all the time been a lonewolf. Following the bloodbath of the Uchiha Clan by his older brother Itachi, Sasuke was left traumatized. This occasion participated to forging his character. He sworn to search out his brother and kill him to avenge his clan. After a quick encounter with Itachi, who defeated Sasuke with out lifting one single finger, he concluded that his keep in Konoha, surrounded by his associates, had made him weak. Sasuke Headband Scratch resulted from the battle with Naruto within the Valley of the Finish. Bear in mind when Sasuke underestimated Naruto a lot that he mentioned he couldn’t lay a scratch on his headband even when he needed to ? Nicely, Sasuke was improper. When Sasuke left the village, Naruto stored it for his return within the village!  Are you prepared to desert your village to pursue your personal future ? Watch out you’ll be deemed as a rogue ninja and hostile to the nation of Konoha! The material strip is lengthy sufficient for any head dimension so that you don’t have to fret about it. Get yours and begin your journey!

  • The size of the fabric strip is about: 98cm
  • Alloy Dimension: 10cmx4cm
  • Materials used to make the scarf : Uniform Material, PU Resin

1 review for Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Sasuke NM0108

  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    It looks very nice, good quality/price and brings all your pieces, sent in 3 weeks

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