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Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Allied Shinobi Forces NM0108

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Shinobi Alliance Headband

The Allied Shinobi Forces have been long-established to withstand the specter of the Akatsuki in capturing the two jinchuriki, Killer B and Naruto, to have the ability to full the “Eye of the Moon” plan. To furthermore current the unification of all 5 Good Shinobi Villages, the Allied Shinobi Headband was designed by Mifune and given to each ninja of the coalition. An headband that they placed on on their forehead, the place you presumably can ready the kanji ?, which suggests “shinobi”. Do you want to be a part of the coalition to stop Obito, Madara and the other members of the Akatsuki to achieve their plan for the world ? Brace your self and put together to defend the shinobi world! No person should ought to keep in a world crammed with illusion. This 4th Good Ninja Battle Headband designed by Mifune has a fabric strip that is about 98 centimeters, which is ready to allow for everyone to have one, whatever the dimensions of their head!

  • The scale of the material strip is about: 98cm
  • Alloy Measurement: 12cmx4cm
  • Supplies used to make the decide : Uniform Cloth, PU Resin

1 review for Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Allied Shinobi Forces NM0108

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    Very nice! I thought they would be flatter but in the picture you don’t appreciate that.

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