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Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Yugakure NM0108

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Yugakure Headband

Just about every shinobi on this planet wears a forehead protector as a sign of respect and devotion to their native villages. Although it is a forehead protector, you may want seen some ninjas sporting it on completely different physique parts, just like Rock Lee or Gaara, respectively sporting it on their waist or gourd. In Yugakure, the Village Hidden in Scorching Water, the headband is a fabric strip that measures about 98 centimeters with a metal plate, that’s 12x4cm. The picture that you simply simply’ll uncover on the Yugakure Headband is three barely inclined traits. Ninjas like Hidan comes from Yugakure as you can uncover on his headband. The excellence proper right here comes with the slashed picture (a sign of disagreement in the direction of the village). Hidan did not agree with the route his village was taking with pacifism and decided to depart instead. This Yugakure Headband has a fabric strip of about 98 centimeters and alloy measurement of about 12x4cm.

  • The dimensions of the fabric strip is about: 98cm
  • Alloy Measurement: 12cmx4cm
  • Supplies used to make the headband : Uniform Cloth, PU Resin

1 review for Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Yugakure NM0108

  1. Aiden (verified owner)

    I order a second suit from this seller, the goods came quickly. thanks to the seller for the work

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