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Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Hidden Mist NM0108

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Hidden Mist Headband

Kirigakure (kirigakure no sato, which precisely means “village hidden by the mist”) is the hidden shinobi Village of the Land of Water. Kiri is led by a kage usually referred to as the Mizukage. There have been 5 Mizukages and 4 founding Mizukages, the current is Mei Terumi. The shinobi from the  village of the Hidden Mist usually wears a shawl with a metal plate carved with the picture of the nation. A complete lot of rogue ninjas seem to come back again from this village! Sporting the Mist Headband might get you at risk as a result of the ANBU usually watch and chase a great deal of bandit coming from Kirigukare. Good in your cosplay event, halloween and even some simple photos. You are going to get the real look of ninjas coming from the Village Hidden by the Mist. This Naruto Hidden Mist Headband is a perfect duplicate of the distinctive one found inside the Naruto anime! Get certainly one of many Hidden Villages Headband and start your shinobi journey.

  • The dimensions of the fabric strip is about: 98cm
  • Alloy Dimension: 10cmx4cm
  • Supplies used to make the decide : Uniform Material, PU Resin

1 review for Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Hidden Mist NM0108

  1. Mateo (verified owner)

    Quality material. Came order in 10 days. The son is happy! Thank you

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