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Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Kisame NM0108

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Kisame Headband

Kisame was a ninja from the Hidden Mist Village that joined the Akatsuki group because of he was tired of residing in a world filled with lies. He was initially charged with the guard of the Cypher division by his coach Fuguki Suikazan. When the group was embushed by ninja coming from the Konoha village, Kisame decided to kill his private teammates to take care of informations from leaking whereas being interrogated by Ibiki Morino. With good deception, Kisame discovered that his mentor was actually selling these informations for his private fortune and killed him. Later, he partenered with Obito Uchiha because of he believed that the “Eye of the Moon” plan would lead to a further beautiful world, a world not filled with lies. Kisame Headband was slashed from this stage as he joined the Akatsuki. Must you wish to cosplay as a result of the “Monster of the Hidden Mist”, get your Kisame Headband correct now!

  • The dimensions of the material strip is about: 98cm
  • Alloy Dimension: 12cmx4cm
  • Supplies used to make the decide : Uniform Cloth, PU Resin

1 review for Naruto Headbands – Naruto Headband Kisame NM0108

  1. Leo (verified owner)

    It’s so nice! The quality is good, highly recommended!

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