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Naruto Rings – Konan Ring NM0108

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Konan Akatsuki Ring

From Amegakure, the village Hidden by the Rain, Konan was an orphan as her mom and father have been every killed in the midst of the Shinobi World Warfare II. It’s simply later that she turned mates with Yahiko and Nagato. The three encountered the path of the Lengendary Sannin (Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade) which expert them to be strong shinobi. It is with the help of her mates that Konan primarily based the Akatsuki, the group being led by completely completely different people at completely completely different time. Beneath Nagato’s supervision, ring fingers acquired to each members. Aside from creating a way of cohesion throughout the group, it wasn’t really clear what was the purpose of those rings. Anyway, Konan acquired a hoop with the kanji “Byaku” which suggests “white”, the color of Konan Ring. Though with a bit little little bit of deduction we could say the following: Konan on a regular basis been perceived as pure and from an extreme kindness by Jiraiya. The white is the color of pureness which inserts her correctly. Konan Ring will make you part of the Akatsuki workforce, are you ready to start your good journey ? Glorious jewel to complete your cosplay. The Konan Akatsuki Ring is resizable, don’t even worry about your finger measurement!

  • Ring Type : Cocktail Ring
  • Color : Silver
  • Weight : 9G

1 review for Naruto Rings – Konan Ring NM0108

  1. William (verified owner)

    They are very beautiful I love them and they arrived suuuuper fast, only my country Post agency delayed delivery. I am satisfied with the purchase of Boruto

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