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Naruto Rings – Sasori Ring NM0108

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Sasori Ring

Sasori, typically referred to as “Sasori of the Purple Sand” was an S-ranked rogue ninja that orginated from the village of Sunagakure. As a toddler, every of Sasori’s dad and mother died by the fingers of Sakumo Hatake, the “White Fang” of Konoha. He was taken care of by his grandmother Chiyo who taught him the art work of puppetry for which he shortly developped a strong appetance, turning right into a grasp of puppet strategies. Sasori went previous what was already acknowledged and started making puppets out of human, he even turned himself proper right into a human puppet to beat the weak spot of the essential puppet grasp. Turning into a member of the Akatsuki after shedding his matchup in direction of Konan, Sasori was given the purple ring “Gyoki” (“Orb”). He wears it on his left thumb. With its weight and supplies type, you will get the feeling of getting the precise Sasori Ring in your thumb! An excellent jewel in case you occur to wish to cosplay as Sasori and even for casual makes use of. Sasori Ring will probably be yours in just one click on on, declare your membership throughout the Akatsuki Group now!

  • Supplies : Zinc Alloy
  • Ring Sort : Cocktail Ring
  • Shade : Silver
  • Weight : 9G

1 review for Naruto Rings – Sasori Ring NM0108

  1. Avery (verified owner)

    Pretty good for a bootleg can’t really complain much. I love it

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